My name is Katja and I am from Finland. My mission is to help you feel better and relax.

Over the years I have studied various relaxation techniques, including meridian stretching techniques, reiki and relaxation massage. I have also studied nutrition, because I am interested in people as a whole and the associated importance of nutrition and holistic well-being.

Welcome to relax in the Nordic way of LAIFFI

What happens when you relax? How can you help yourself by being more anti-stressed and how can you feel more at home in your own body?

Well-being consists of many different factors, with a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep and relaxation being the keys to overall well-being.

Mental and physical relaxation go hand in hand and form the basis for this.

I ask you to put yourself and your well-being first in your life.

Through massages I can give people a moment without stress, without “have to or must”. Time for yourself. Allow yourself to relax with a massage.

You can contact me in Finnish, Dutch or English! Welcome!

LAIFFI – love your lijffie the story behind the name

In Finnish, the expression LAIFFI means “life”. It’s a super positive word and the pun “Love your lijffie” says it all – being positive about and feeling at home in your own body.

My Finnishness is important to me and this is why I wanted to name my company playfully with a Finnish word. What else would be a better word than LIFE – LAIFFI.